We have taken the responsibility of connecting the dots from the prison gates through the Transistional Houses and back into the community, yielding a crime-free productive citizen that will not return to prison.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

Abraham Maslow


To STOP THE REVOLVING PRISON DOORS by doing whatever it takes to reach the unreachable and hurting and to offer them a second chance at life, aiding them in their restoration and growth towards becoming a self- sufficient crime-free citizen who will not return to prison. 

It is our goal to show these men the love of God by helping them understand their identity in God and to think about every decision they make and how it will affect their lives.


  • We will set up screening (qualifying) of the inmates before they are released to reassure the Transitional Housing  providers that we are bringing men who have made a commitment to turn from their criminal ways and mindsets to a positive path of restoration.

  • We will secure an agreement with the Transitional Houses to require that they will abide by the guidelines set forth by Set Free After-Care Ministry to ensure the ex-inmates will be provided with the specified programs necessary for their restoration.

  • We will provide programs in: Financial Management, Spiritual Developement, Employment Skills, Substance Abuse classes and Counseling when necessary.

  • We will secure an agreement from the inmate to insure that he will abide by the rules and the guidelines of the Transitional House for a period of 1 year unless specified differently.

  • We offer our services to the Dept of Corrections, State Prisons Private Prisons, Board of Pardons & Paroles, and Transitional Houses throughout the State of Georgia.

  • We feel this is a Win-Win Situation for everyone concerned in this massive puzzle of STOPPING THE REVOLVING DOORS!