What We Do

Our vision is to reduce the recidivism rate (returning to prison) by helping the ex-inmate to become a crime-free productive citizen again.


During this period of restoration, the ex-inmates will have the opportunity to learn life skills, money management, spiritual development, and how to find and maintain employment. We will also supply counseling for substance abuse and other problems that might be necessary.

How We Do It

Set Free After Care has designed the following plan of action to help stop the revolving prison door:


1. We qualify the inmates to determine their commitment to a positive change.


2. We pick up the newly released inmate on the day of release.


3. The inmate is enrolled in a Christian-based transitional house so we can help him in his successful re-acclamation to society.


4.  He is provided housing, clothing, counseling, and programs in spiritual development, employment skills, money management, and life skills.


5. We mentor and disciple him to become a productive crime-free citizen again.

Where We Do It

Our current home is a newly built 4 bedroom/3 bath duplex with AC and Carpet (pictured at right)


We offer . . .


  • Daily programs - Restoration & Growth Development


  • Bible Study


  • Employment Search and Development


  • Money Management - Crown Financial


  • Life and Development Skills and Enrichment


  • G.E.D., A.A., N.A., A.M., classes when needed


  • Long range plan for housing

Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship In America


We are establishing a full blown Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship in America chapters ( Just like the chapters in cities thru out the US.) behind the walls in the prisons.  We now have six in Georgia and they are the only six in the US.  At the present time we are working on 3 more.


These chapters elect their own president and several vice presidents and a secretary (inmates).  We monitor their meetings because they are tied in with an already established ministry in that prison.  This gives us a chance to mentor them before they are released back into society.   When they attend five meetings, we present them with a card that goes into their file that entitles them to a one year free membership in any chapter of their choice. Then the FGBMFA begin to mentor them when they are released.  This program was started in the Georgia prison system in 1980 and has proven to be very successful.